Some time near the dawn of the world wide web, I met Dan Lybarger at a film festival in Kansas City and offered to host his movie reviews on He thought that was a good idea and uploaded many there over the years.

This directory is now an archive of those articles. His current online publications can be found here.

A lot of the links -- to dead advertising schemes and such -- are dead, this archive may be interesting to students of web design. Dan's movie reviews in 1996 really were state-of-the-art for that year, and they are here.

-- David Nicol January 21, 2024

A review (6/10) of 200 Cigarettes (1999). The film stars Paul Rudd and Courtney Love. The director is Risa Bramon Garcia.
Movie Review of 2 fast 2 furious (2003)
A review (5/10) of Abandon (2002). The movie stars Katie Holmes, Benjamin Bratt, Charlie Hunnam, and Zooey Deschanel. The director is Stephen Gaghan.
An interview with director Agnieszka Holland about her film Washington Square.The interviewer was Dan Lybarger.
An Interview with actor-writer-director Albert Brooks about the movie The Muse (1999).
A review (8/10) of Analyze This (1999). The film stars Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal. The director is Harold Ramis.
A review (2/10) of Any Given Sunday (1999). The movie stars Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. The director is Oliver Stone.
A review (6/10) of Anywhere But Here (1999). The movie stars Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman. The director is Wayne Wang.
A review (7/10) of the Bartleby (1950). The movie stars Crispin Glover, David Paymer, Joe Piscopo, Maury Chaykin, and Glenne Headly. The director is Jonathan Parker.
A review (1/10) of Battlefield Earth (2000). The movie stars John Travolta and Barry Pepper. The director is John Travolta.
An Interview with director Luc Besson and actress Milla Jovovich about the movie The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999).
An Interview with actor/comedian Billy Crystal about Analyze This (1999).
A review (3/10) of Blast from the Past (1999). The film stars Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverston. The director is Hugh Wilson.
A review (5/10) of Blue Streak (1999). The movie stars Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, and Luke Wilson. The director is Les Mayfield.
A review (1/10) of Body Shots (1999).
Boys Don't Cry (1999)
Movie Review of The Brandon Teena Story (1998)
A review (9/10) of Bringing Out the Dead (1999). The movie stars Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette. The director is Martin Scorsese.
An interview with cinematographer Maurice Prather about Herk Harvey's 1961 horror classic Carnival of Souls.
A review (6/10) of Center Stage (2000). The movie stars Peter Gallagher. The director is Nicholas Hytner.
A review (9/10) of Chicken Run (2000). The movie stars Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha. The directors are Peter Lord and Nick Park.
A review (1/10) of Chill Factor (1999). The movie stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Skeet Ulrich. The director is Hugh Johnson.
An interview with storyboard artist Elizabeth Colomba, who has worked in Slums of Beverly Hills and The Wood. The interviewer was Dan Lybarger.
A review (4/10) of The Core (2003). The movie stars Hilary Swank and Aaron Eckhard. The director is Jon Amiel.
A review (9/10) of Croupier (1999). The movie stars Clive Owen, Gina McKee, and Alex Kingston. The director is Mike Hodges.
An interview with author Dean Koontz about his book and movie Phantoms.
A review (2/10) of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999). The movie stars Rob Schneider. The director is Mike Mitchell.
A review (7/10) of The Devil's Backbone (2001). The movie stars Eduardo Noriega and Federico Lupi. The director is Guillermo Del Toro.
A review (3/10) of Diamonds (1999). The movie stars Kirk Douglas and Dan Aykroyd. The director is John Asher.
A review (6/10) of Die Another Day (2002). The movie stars Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry and Rick Yune. The director is Lee Tamahori.
An Interview with Catherine di Napoli about Bartleby.
Lybarger Links: Movie Commentary, Celebrities, Interviews, Group Film Discussion
A review (1/10) of Dog Park (1999). The movie stars George Clooney, Mark Whalberg and Ice Cube. The director is David O. Russell.
An Interview with Edward Stencel about the movie Men Cry Bullets.
A review (2/10) of End of Days (1999). The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Byrne. The director is Peter Hyams.
A review (8/10) of Erin Brockovich (1999). The movie stars Julia Roberts and Albert Finney. The director is Steven Soderbergh.
An interview with documentary filmmaker about his movie, Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
A review (2/10) of Eye of the Beholder (1999). The movie stars Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd. The director is Stephen Elliot.
A review (8/10) of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The film stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The director is Stanley Kubrick.
A review (8/10) of Finding Nemo (2003). The movie stars Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres. The director is Andrew Stanton.
An Interview with writer Neil Gaiman and actress Minnie Driver about the English dub of Princess Mononoke.
A review (7/10) of Gladiator (2000). The movie stars Russell Crowe Joaquin Phoenix. The director is Ridley Scott.
A review (7/10) of Go (1999). The film stars Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes, and Scott Wolf. The director is Doug Liman.
A review (5/10) of Goodbye, Lover (1992). The film stars Partrica Arquette and Ellen DeGeneres. The directors is Roland Joffe
An Interview with actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne about the movies Tarzan, The Winslow Boy, The Big Brass Ring and The Madness of King George.
Charlton Heston discusses the making of Touch of Evil. Interviewed Dan Lybarger.
A review (2/10) of I Dreamed of Africa (2000). The movie stars Kim Bassinger and Vincent Perez. The director is Hugh Hudson.
A collection of movie reviews and feature articles by Pitch Weekly (Kansas City) film critic Dan Lybarger.
A review (3/10) of Inspector Gadget (1999). The film stars Matthew Broderick.
an index to 14 interviews here
same 14 interviews, much different format
A review (7/10) of The Italian Job (2003). The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Seth Green and Edward Norton. The director is F. Gary Gray.
An interview with character actor James Karen about his relationship with Buster Keaton.
An Interview with Jason Patric about Narc and Your Friends and Neighbors.
An Interview with Jim Caviezel about The Count of Monte Cristo.
A review (8/10) of Joe Gould's Secret (2000). The movie stars Stanley Tucci and Ian Holm. The director is Stanley Tucci.
An Interview with director John Boorman (Deliverance) about The General (1998).
Cate Blanchett, Christopher Eccleston and director Shekhar Kapur discuss the making of Elizabeth.
An Interview with writer Kaylie Jones about the Movie adaptation of her book A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries and the relationship her father, James Jones (The Thin Red Line and From Here to Eternity) had with the films of his books.
A review (7/10) of Keeping the Faith (2000). The movie stars Ben Stiller, Jenna Elfman and Edward Norton. The director is Edward Norton.
A review (3/10) of Lost and Found (1999). The film stars David Spade and Sophie Marceau. The director is Jeff Pollack.
A review (6/10) of the Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance (2002). The movie stars Harrison Ford. The director is Bayley Silleck.
A review (6/10) of the Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance (2002). The movie stars Harrison Ford. The director is Bayley Silleck.
A review (7/10) of Love and Basketball (2000). The movie stars Omar Epps and Sanaa Latham. The director is Gina Prince-Blythewood.
An review (2/10) of the movie Love Stinks (1999). The movie stars French Stewart and Bridgette Wilson. The director is Jeff Franklin.
A review (5/10) of Manna from Heaven (2001). The movie stars Ursula Burton, Shirley Jones, Frank Gorshin and Jill Eikenberry. The directors are Gabrielle Burton and Maria Burton.
An interview with Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle about the movie Blue Streak (1999).
An Interview with Elaina B. Archer about recent video restorations of Mary Pickford silent movies.
An Interview with writer/director/actor Mel Brooks about Buster Keaton
An Interview with writer about his book Mental Hygiene: Classroom Films: 1945-1970.
A review (4/10) of The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999). The movie stars Milla Jovovich and John Malkovich. The director is Luc Besson.
A review (7/10) of Mission: Impossible 2 (2000). The movie stars Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton. The director is John Woo.
Movie Review of Mifune (2000)
An Interview with Mike Hodges about his movies Get Carter and Croupier.
A review (9/10) of Princess Mononoke (1999). The movie stars Billy Crudup, Claire Danes and Minnie Driver. The director is Hayao Miyazaki.
A review (9/10) of Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999). The movie stars Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. The director is Errol Morris.
A review (6/10) of My Dog Skip (1999). The movie stars Frankie Muniz and Kevin Bacon.
A review (8/10) of My Name is Joe (1999). The film stars Peter Mullan. The director is Ken Loach.
A review (8/10) of Narc (2002). The movie stars Jason Patric and Ray Liotta. The director is Joe Carnahan.
Movie Review of Never Been Kissed (1999)
A review (7/10) of Notting Hill (1999). The film stars Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The director is Roger Michell.
A collection of movie reviews and feature articles by Pitch Weekly (Kansas City) film critic Dan Lybarger. This page contains interviews ranging from superstar Charlton Heston to director Peter Weir.
A review (2/10) of Passion of Mind (2000). The movie stars Demi Moore. The director is Alain Berliner.
A review (9/10) of Peeping Tom (1960). The film stars Carl Boehm and Anna Massey. The director is Michael Powell.
Oscar-nominated director Peter Weir (Dead Poets Society) discusses the making of The Truman Show
A review (7/10) of Pitch Black (2000). The movie stars Vin Diesel. The director is David Twohy.
A review (6/10) of Play It to the Bone (1999). The movie stars Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas. The director is Ron Shelton.
A review (3/10) of Pokemon: The First Movie (1999).
A review (10/10) of the Criterion Collection edition of Rashomon (1950). The movie stars Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyo, Masayuki Mori, and Takashi Shimura. The director is Akira Kurosawa.
A review (1/10) of Ready to Rumble (2000). The movie stars David Arquette, Scott Caan, and Oliver Platt. The director is Brian Robbins.
A review (4/10) of Relax...It's Just Sex (1999). The movie stars Mitchell Sauris and Jennifer Tilly. The director is Peter Hyams.
A review (6/10) of The Road to El Dorado (2000). The movie stars Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline.
A review (5/10) of Romeo Must Die (2000). The movie stars Jet Li and Aaliayah.
An interview with writer-director Ron Shelton about his movie Play it to the Bone.
A review (6/10) of Shaft (2000). The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson and Christian Bale. The director is John Singleton.
A review (4/10) of Simpatico (1999). The movie stars Nick Nolte and Jeff Bridges. The director is Matthew Warchus.
A review (7/10) of Small Time Crooks (2000). The movie stars Woody Allen, Tracey Ullman, Hugh Grant, and Elaine May. The director is Woody Allen.
A review (4/10) of Snow Falling on Cedars (1999). The movie stars Ethan Hawke. The director is Scott Hicks.
A review (6/10) of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999). The director is Trey Parker.
A review (7/10) of Super Troopers (2001). The movie stars Broken Lizard. The director is Jay Chandrasekhar.
A review (4/10) of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken, and Claire Danes. The director is Jonathan Mostow.
Movie Review of Talk to Her (Hable con ella) (2002)
A review (5/10) of The Big Tease (2000). The movie stars Craig Ferguson. The director is Kevin Allen.
A review (8/10) of The Castle (1997). The film stars Michael Caton. The director is Rob Sitch.
A review (7/10) of The Corruptor (1999). The film stars Chow Yun-Fat and Mark Wahlberg. The director is James Foley.
A review (6/10) of The Muse (1999). The film stars Albert Brooks and Sharon Stone. The director is Albert Brooks.
A review (3/10) of The Ninth Gate (2000). The movie stars Johnny Depp and Lena Olin. The director is Roman Polanski.
An interview with cinematographer Jack Cardiff and dancer Moira Shearer about the 50th anniversary of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's The Red Shoes
A review (2/10) of The Story of Us (1999). The movie stars Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. The director is Rob Reiner.
An interview with director Agnieszka Holland about her movie The Third Miracle.
A review (4/10) of The World Is Not Enough (1999). The movie stars Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau. The director is Michael Apted.
A review (6/10) of The Thomas Crown Affair (1999). The film stars Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. The director is John McTiernan.
A review (8/10) of Three Kings (1999). The movie stars George Clooney, Mark Whalberg and Ice Cube. The director is David O. Russell.
An Interview with with director Tim DePaepe on his documentary Shades of Gray, which deals with gays in Kansas.
A review (7/10) of Time Code (2000). The film stars Saffron Borrows and Salma Hayek. The director is Mike Figgis.
A review (5/10) of Titan A.E. (2000). The movie stars Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore. The directors are Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.
A review (7/10) of The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2003). The documentary was directed by Eugene Jarecki and writen by Alex Gibney. The narrator is Brian Cox.
An Interview with actor-director Stanley Tucci about playing Joseph Mitchell in Joe Gould's Secret.
A review (8/10) of Tumbleweeds (1999). The movie stars Janet McTeer and Kimberly J. Brown. The director is Gavin O'Connor.
A review (3/10) of The Tuxedo (2002). The movie stars Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
A review (6/10) of Twin Dragons (1992). The film stars Jackie Chan. The directors are Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam.
A review (6/10) of Waking the Dead (2000). The movie stars Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly. The director is Keith Gordon.
A review (2/10) of Where the Heart Is (2000). The movie stars Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman. The director is Matt Williams.
A review (3/10) of The Whole Nine Yards (2000). The movie stars Bruce Willis and Matthey Perry. The director is Jonathan Lynn.
A report on the 10th Annual Bad Movie Festival (Y2Ape: The Monkey Millenium) at the Kansas City Kansas Public Library (1999).