Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

September 5, 1996


With his bulky frame and bulb-like nose, French superstar Gérard Depardieu doesnít have to work too hard to look like a childís make-believe playmate. In Bogus, Depardieu has the difficult task of helping a young orphan named Albert (Haley Joel Osment) get along with his reluctant guardian (Whoopi Goldberg). Itís especially hard when only Albert can see him! Director Norman Jewison (Moonstruck) gets too sentimental and wears out the familiar premise (Harvey is even quoted here). Nonetheless, Depardieuís considerable charm overcomes the thin material, and Osment is a real find. Bogus may not melt your heart, but its delights are not figments of your imagination (PG). Rating: 5.

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