The TipJar generic form handler (Version 2.4)

the TipJar generic form handler is a public CGI script that parses form data in either GET or POST formats and generates not only a HTML page with the data but also an e-mail, to an address specified in the form. No signing up is required: read the instructions below and start receiving e-mails sent from forms on your web pages immediately!

2011 December 8:

2011 November: Text link ads wins! Go text link ads!

2011 March: the text-link-ads company has sold a text link ad here! This service is now sponsored by [removed]

2007 february 13: Now using to filter comment spam. If this is a problem for you, use generic_noak instead of generic in your form action. If we get enough TJGFH traffic that users need their own akismet API keys, I will add a way to add your own akismet API key to your mailto registration.

2006 October 25: due to the increasing incidence of what appear to be blogwalking spiders inserting advertising into comment forms, TJGFH will no longer forward any mail containing certain HTML codes in a field called "COMMENT" so use that for the field name if you are setting up a comment form on a blog using TJGFH to be protected from blog comment spam.

2004 march 2: sorry, but signing up will be required starting later this year.

Sign up by pasting your e-mail address here and clicking here

it makes a great comment form on a blog

2004-February-25: Due to a mass-mailing being sent with the TJGFH, I am restricting destination addresses to registered addresses only, and maintaining a little database of registered destination addresses. Write me from the address you wish to receive TJGFH form data at and I will sent you a code you can use in your form to indicate yourself. This also means that TJGFH forms will no longer be displaying e-mail addresses for harvesting, which is a good thing. Include the phrase "tjgfh" in your message to get your message through the filter. Use the little form a few lines up to register.

2000-June-3: request a UPS tracking report.

A commercial version of this script is now available, that allows you to upload mail and display templates to your own directory, housed here on reliable, high bandwidth ask about purchasing. Include the phrase "tjgfh" in your message to get your message through the filter. Also some way to contact you.

If you're here because you submitted a form and followed the link on the resulting page, you can return to the page where the form you submitted is with your web browser's "back" feature.

TJGFH version 1.8

October 24, 2000. Addition of a spam filter. Please report unwanted e-mailed forms that use TJGFH to so the recipients may be added to the filter.

October 29, 1999. Minor SMTP header rewrites to eliminate bounces. Do not expect an administrative response to a bouncing e-mail sent with this service, as bounces are now shredded by blind ogres.

July 21, 1999. A Javascript "alert" window containing HTTP_REFERER and mailto addresses now appears.

May 5, 1999. Multiple "mailto" fields now work like you'd expect.

May 3, 1999. The problem with LinkExchange CodeChecker causing "echoes" of forms submitted with the "get" method has been handled by not sending e-mails when the HTTP_USER_AGENT indicates that it is the LinkExchange robot. Thanks again to Jukka Korpela for pointing out the problem.

As of October 27, 1998, there are nine reserved input names, with the addition of subject, homepageURL, homepagetext, and background.

Instructions and example, all jumbled together

view the source of this page for an example of a form using the TipJar generic form handler.

The recipient's e-mail address(es) in simple user@host.domain form: (separate multiple addresses with commas, semicolons, or whitespace)

Type your message here:

To guard against use of the generic form handler for evil, the time of access and the IP address the accessing browser was using appear in the e-mails. If you're reading this page because you received an odd e-mail referring you here and contacting the owners of the web page listed as the HTTP_REFERER in the e-mail doesn't clear things up, you might want to investigate the network abuse clearinghouse's protocol for locating the system administrators capable of disusering abusive individuals.

By the way, I am not going to give anyone your e-mail address. TJGFH is a promotional device for TipJar LLC, which is a promotional device for David Nicol consulting. At some point advertising might start appearing under form submission confirmation pages, and if so it will be tasteful and not in violation of LinkExchange level 2 guidelines.
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If this isn't the best one, I'd like to know why. What can be changed to improve TJGFH, while still keeping it simple, to make it a better free generic form handling script?
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