"...and put bread in my jar..." 
Billy Joel

TipJar is a company that builds free tools for web page designers to make simple things happen simply. 
TipJar Form Tester is a way for a web page developer to test an HTML form. Replace "http://www.tipjar.com/cgi-bin/test" with your real cgi program when the data looks right. Also handy for figuring out what IP you're using,like when you're behind a corporate firewall.
TipJar Generic Form Handler is a way for anyone with e-mail to use "HTML Forms" on their web pages, without needing to know anything about CGI programming. You can even use it to send form data to another program, if you have a program that can read incoming e-mails, or use it in conjunction with "procmail" or "deliver" to collect your form data for batch processing or even importing into a spreadsheet with a script.

TipJar Generic Form Handler instructions and example 

ShareJokes database is my answer to "free home pages!" as well as sort of a parody of copyright issues. A free home page for any joke you wish to tell, each with a tipjar on it and a boilerplate licensing agreement.

Here's a sample 

TipJar Internet Treasury is a way for anyone with a web browser and an e-mail address to give money to anyone with an e-mail address.

There is nothing to download, and you do not need to register in advance.

Transactions moving money from one TipJar account to another are free and there is no minimum or maximum transaction.

At this time we only support U.S. Dollars, but infrastructure for TipJar to handle other currencies, given accounts in other currencies, is in place. Even toy currencies. Why bother? 

How to put a TipJarTip Jar on your web page 

Using TipJar you can pledge money to anyone, regardless of if they have a tipjar account A already or if they have even ever heard of the service. TipJar will send you an e-mail to remind you of your pledge, and after you send your check, with your e-mail address or registered TipJar nickname written on it, to

Post Office Box 45163
Kansas City, Missouri 64171-8163
United States of America
or get the funds into your TipJar account some other way we will act on your pledge and put the money in the recipient's account. If they do not want to receive money through TipJar, or if the e-mail address you have for them does not work, the money will of course return to your account. 

The services are all free

Transactions are free. There is a small service charge for both putting money in and taking small amounts of money. Moving money around within TipJar, that is, moving an amount from your "pocket" to someone else's "pocket," being fully automated (no envelopes to open, or seal; no dead trees, no postage) is free. At some point in the future we may implement paying interest on your account, after tipjar's expenses are taken care of.

How to put a TipJar Tip Jar on your web page
Getting money out of your TipJar Tip Jar
where to send your check
Cover your pledges with a credit card
Other things you can do with a TipJar account
The TipJar Give Form
Pledge some money
donate a dollar to the Liberty Memorial
Thanks are due
help with TipJar's operating expenses


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