Fire Down Below

From: Dan Lybarger

September 4, 1997


Some nice scenery, a good country-rock soundtrack and a lovely musical number by Harry Dean Stanton arenít enough to clean up Steven Seagalís latest environmentalist action waste site, Fire Down Below. Seagal is an unusual EPA agent. You might not believe he could hold such a job when he mispronounces "aquifer," but his ponytail gives him away. Moonlighting musicians Kris Kristofferson and Randy Travis give the best performances, and Seagal miraculously survives (and smirks and scowls) through what has to be the slowest truck chase in cinema history. Rest assured, there are plenty of wrecked vehicles and a good explosion. Isnít it nice to know that Segal is able to wreak so much havoc to save Mother Earth ( R )? Rating: 1.


Capsule: Steven Seagal beats up a bunch of rednecks in order to stop a toxic waste dump. Fire Down Below might have been a camp classic (it has the slowest truck chase ever) if watching Segalís endless punching werenít so tedious. Segalís two-note performance (smirk and scowl), his fatuous activism and a recycled plot result in screen pollution ( R ). Rating: 1.


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