The Peacemaker

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

September 24, 1997


The only thing exceptional about the new post-Cold War thriller The Peacemaker is the fact that itís the first movie from Steven Spielbergís new studio, Dreamworks. The story, concerning a pair of security experts (George Clooney and Nicole Kidman) on the trail of stolen nuclear warheads, moves from continent to continent in matter of seconds. Nonetheless, the movie still feels slow and routine. Clooney and Kidman look great, but they have no chemistry. The two spend more time spouting clichés and defense jargon than interacting. Rookie feature director Mimi Leder (TVís ER) has a great eye for action scenes (thereís a ferocious car chase through the narrow, bumpy streets of Vienna), but she canít overcome Michael Schifferís stale and frigid script. Too many scenes possess a "where have I seen this before" quality. The Peacemaker isnít awful, but youíd expect more tension from a movie about atomic terrorism ( R ). Rating: 4.

Capsule Review: George Clooney and Nicole Kidman play security experts on the trail of stolen nukes in this workmanlike first entry from Steven Spielbergís new studio, Dreamworks. The action is fantastic, but the script is as stale the food in a fallout shelter, and the chemistry between Clooney and Kidman is far from explosive ( R ). Rating: 4.


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