Kiss Me, Guido

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

August 28, 1997


In New York slang, a "Guido" is an overly macho Italian guy. When a Guido named Frankie (Nick Scotti) moves from the Bronx to Manhattan, he makes a surprising discovery when he answers an ad for an apartment. He asks his potential roommate, Warren (Anthony Barrile), if "GWM" actually stands for "Guy with Money." Novice writer-director Tony Vitale doesn’t have much of an eye for plausibility, and some of his gags simply don’t work. However, his able players give appropriately broad performances, and his affectionate tone keeps the stereotypical characters from being offensive. There’s also a howlingly funny side plot involving Frankie’s lecherous brother (Anthony DeSando). Kiss Me, Guido could have done a better job of capitalizing on the unusual friendship between Frankie and Warren, but it’s still an engaging slice of life in the Big Apple ( R ). Rating: 6.


Capsule: Kiss Me, Guido is a slight, but engaging comedy about a straight Bronx Italian (Nick Scotti) who becomes roommates with a struggling gay actor (Anthony Barrile). The movie stretches suspension of disbelief ("GWM. That’s ‘Guy with Money’."), but a good cast and some inspired gags compensate. Kiss Me, Guido isn’t a keeper, but it doesn’t let down any of the guys or gals with money who go to see it ( R ). Rating: 6.


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