Eye for an Eye

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

January 4, 1996


Although the script for Eye for an Eye is credited to Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, it appears to have been written by Xerox. This potpourri of clichés concerns a suburbanite (Sally Field) who takes the law into her own hands after the murderer of her daughter is set free on a legal technicality. Guessing what happens next is pretty easy because Cape Fear, The Star Chamber and a legion of TV issue-of-the week films have all been liberally plundered. In fact, the only scary thing about this film is villain Keifer Sutherland’s hairdo. Despite a proven director (John Schlesinger, who’s responsible for Midnight Cowboy) and a top-notch cast (Ed Harris, Beverly D’Angelo, and Joe Mantegna), Eye for an Eye is annoyingly dull because it is almost as fresh as its title (R). Rating: 2



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