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Dennis Nedblake drew the TipJar Tip Jar button

Joe Loman drew the animated bouncing penny Tipjar button

Steve Streiker, member of the Missouri Bar, drew up the incorporation papers

Jay Zastoupil, Musician and Human Interface consultant, insisted that the word "Groovy" appear somewhere on the site

John Nicol, David Nicol's smarter brother, has been immensely helpful with proofreading, reality checking, and so on.

David Nicol, ambitious entrepreneur, created these 400X40 gif banners:

In Association with Some of the inspiration for the project came from Author Neal Stephenson's book Snow Crash, which features an internet where people are rewarded for uploading helpful information by those who find it helpful.
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Graphic artist and game designer Ron Forschen was kind enough to draw a quick banner:

Reduced, it makes a workable button:
Jukka Korpela suggested links to add to the net toys documentation and the 1.1 enhancement to the test page.
Some inspiration can be had from the Internet Privacy Coalition and their Golden Key campaign