ShareJokes brings theshareware concept, the meme concept and the tipjar concept together in what I hope will be a successful combination.

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TipJar LLC makes no claims to copyright of author material presented on the ShareJoke pages. Authors are verified and joke identifying codes (the initials of the title) are assigned by e-mail.

In case anyone likes your joke enough to license it, the money will be handled via TipJar transaction service.

ShareJoke publishing is a free service provided by TipJar LLC on an "as is" basis.

Due to the automated nature of the system no guarantee can be made as to propriety of content, so only selected ShareJoke pages will be linked to from this or other TipJar pages, including sharejoke navigation buttons on the individual sharejoke pages.

An attempt will be made to notify authors before their sharejokes are removed in case disk space becomes an issue. (doubtful, but you never know)

Selected ShareJokes:

Any joke submitted as a ShareJoke gets its own identifying code, so the author can promote it an much as they want. Selected jokes will be listed here. As soon as there are enough jokes that they can be categorized sensibly they will be.

Pi, the movie, action-figures
The Porsche
The Fancy Watch
Revenge of the Blonde
jokes about walking into bars
Action Sloth

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