TipJar supports nomic, internomic, and decentralization everywhere

I will, as long as the effort required is not too outrageous, be happy to support any "boodle" currencies created by games of Nomic that can demonstrate they've existed for more than three months and that they have defined for themselves some kind of zero-sum currency that persists between games and can be validly held by non-players.

In the spirit of "internomic," to have your nomic's boodle supported by the TipJar transaction service, have your selected liaison email the TipJar Nomic Liaison with the name of the nomic, the name of the currency, and pointers to relevant parts of your persistent ruleset so that e MAY verify that your boodle is defined sufficiently immutably.

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To repeat, the requirements for a currency to be supported by the TipJar Transaction Service are simply that it have a name, and an issuing authority who will be hidden by the Liaison. Completion of transactions will be possible only after authenticated communications from the Liaison.

The point of this exercise is to test new features of the TipJar transaction service technology safely, without using so-called "real money." Eventually support for alternate currencies will expand into supporting transactions in genuine legal tender after proper contracts between the participating parties are negotiated.

Looking at the United States as a massive game of Nomic, this makes me as the TipJar administrator the "Liaison" between TipJar Transaction Service and the U.S. Dollar.

April 14, 1998
David L. Nicol
(instigator of the original Agora Nomic "zeitgeist" rule)
(FRC founding member: ask me how to play 4D scrabble)

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