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Essential Texts:

Learning Perl (O'Reilly) by Randal L Schwartz & Tom Christiansen
Programming Perl (O'Reilly) by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L Schwartz
The Perl Cookbook (O'Reilly) by Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington
Master Regular Expressions (O'Reilly) by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
Object Oriented Perl (Manning) by Damian Conway

Strongly Recommended:

Advanced Perl Programming (O'Reilly) by Sriram Srinivasan
Effective Perl Programming (Addison Wesley) by Joseph N Hall with Randal L Schwartz
Perl: The Programmers Companion (Wiley) by Nigel Chapman
Perl in a Nutshell (O'Reilly) by Stephen Spainhour, Ellen Siever & Nathan Patwardhan
Unix in a Nutshell
by Arnold Robbins, Daniel Gilly, Mike Loukides (Editor)

Specialty Books:

Official Guide to Programming with (Wiley) by Lincoln Stein
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web (Wiley) by Shishir Gundav
Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C (O'Reilly) by Lincoln Stein & Doug MacEachern
Web Client Programming with Perl and GNU Software by Clinton Wong
Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software (O'Reilly) by Shawn P. Wallace
Learning Perl/Tk (O'Reilly) by Nancy Walsh


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