It's really very simple.

Say you have registered an alias of "cheese" and you would like to suggest that internauts who like your WWW pages about fine wine donate a nickel to help support your Gruyere habit.

Just place this link on your page somewhere:

<a target="tipjar"
width=36 height=36
alt="TipJar tip jar"

Of course, you should replace CHEESE and 0.05 with whatever your alias and suggested donation might happen to be.

Here's what it looks like: TipJar tip jar

Various jar icons are available for display. They can be found on the gallery page. Feel free to link directly to the image at its home at, so that when everyone has a tipjar jar icon on their page (:->) web surfers will not need to download the jar with every page.

Additionally, an optional message can be displayed on the give form with the &message field, something like:
<a href="!">
<img src= alt="TipJar tip jar"> </a>

Here's a form that will help.

Enter your data,
Recipient's TipJar alias:
After you submit the form, copy the full text of the URL that appears on your browser's Location: line, and use it as a link anchor to suggest a tip of that amount!

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