# # # generator.pl =pod generator.pl is a script to accept a command line argument indicating how many columns in the table and make a table containing one image in each cell captioned by its url I am testing it initially with the dfc image archive at spinnoff.com and hope to use it to form a comprehensive index of terry colon art from static.suck.com -- copyright 1999 Beefurabi@bigfoot.com use without permission may result in divine retribution =cut @imagelist = map {"http://www.spinnoff.com/dfc/archive/$_.gif"} (1..453); $cols = $ARGV[0] || 5; $count = 0; print<<"TOP"; TOP foreach $_ (@imagelist) { print <<"MIDDLE"; MIDDLE next if ++$count % $cols; print <<"NEWREC"; NEWREC }; print "