My normal working hours are 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Central time, a.k.a. GMT -5) Monday through Friday

Unscheduled calls before or after that time are charged at 2X the regular rate.
Prices double again on Saturday and Sunday.

These prices are subject to change. Billing is based on the last posted chart at the time of the work.

What How Much
use of net-connected server
web hosting
e-mail account hosting
ftp hosting
setup/modification: $15.00
disk space: $1 per Megabyte per month
Telephone or e-mail support under 5 minutes, no research $5.00
Longer support calls including research $60/hr, by quarter-hour
Travel time greater than a quarter hour $25.00/hr
Installing Linux $50/machine *
Installing/configuring software $60/hr
Remote system administration (dns, mail) $10/maintenance event (up to a quarter hour)
theory explained
Networking, security, file systems, backup policies, programming your VCR, et cetera
intranet partitioning design $60/hr
Needs assessment $60/hr
Designing and implementing a lower-cost, reliable, secure, open, commercial Linux solution $60/hr
C,C++, Perl, bash, java,COBOL, VB, lisp, assembler, pascal, BASIC, Clipper, Fortran, dBase, et cetera
$60/hr, including specification development and research
Full-time remote assignment Contract including clear description of project, travel expenses in advance
Negotiating contract work $60/hr
Reading unsolicted commercial e-mail $300/hr, $100 minimum
training I can train receptive individuals to do anything I can do at no additional charge. That is, I will be happy to explain what I'm doing as I do it.
Getting trained (educator evaluation) contract only
* Hourly rates do not apply for starred items