Not counting fellow students at the UMKC Computer Science and Telecommunications Program who I may have helped with the occasional project by sharing my rough work, I think my first real computer programming job was in 1993, building a "File Mover" for William Meeker. This project was a set of MSDOS BATCH and Clipper programs which effectively created a messaging service among various computers sharing a networked hard drive via Novell. There was a problem, however: the hard drive did not have enough space on it. By using an elaborate system of traffic signals, I was able to copy gigabytes of data from one machine to the other via the shared disk, using only megabytes of space on it, without violating the unreasonable constraints of the project, which were that the novell server was to be used and that its disk was not to be replaced with a larger one.

The following year I wrote an order entry and inventory control system for Packers Central, a company that ships frozen fruit juice from two warehouses in California to sites all over the western US, using Claris 2.1. Before they hired me they were using a word processor to fill out forms, printing the forms out, and running them through the fax machine. I automated their business practice so that the order-taker (Carol) only needed to type the order in once, and the three different forms would all be automatically faxed from the computer, to numbers pre-associated with the various customers. The resulting decrease in their loss to spoilage was exactly the reason they had purchased their computers, but without someone to set it up for them they were merely overpriced typewriters.

I helped Dr. Barnett of the Kansas City Art Institute with his understanding of the C language so he could write a virtual reality presentation using a virtualreality library KCAI has.

While working for Gateway 2000 on their tech support lines, I helped maybe a thousand customers get their computers up and running.

In my professional capacity as a staff member at UMKC, I have written several user interfaces, often to utilities I wrote as well.

I've designed and implemented the entire TipJar free internet transaction service, bringing into reality a feature of the internet which appears vividly in various authors' works but is only now becoming practical, the "micropayment."

tipjar net-toys free remotelly hosted CGI scripts

I arranged a set up database and file upload programs easing the maintenance of the listings at this housing developer, working with this web page design firm.

And I'll help you with what you need done, just send me an e-mail describing your project or asking your question.