The "Aaron Blosser" Search Warrant

The moral of the story appears to be "get written permission before installing idle-cycle software on any machines you do not have absolute administrative control over."

view the warrant as a series of frames

view the warrant as a series of images on one page
you should be able to read the first one while the others are loading in.

how to install and maintain NTPrime over a loarge number of computers

the "authorized" Blosser Warrant web site

an article for the perl journal about a prototype GIMPS automation system which was
superceded by Scott Kurowski's design using binary remote procedure calls instead of ASCII plaintext smtp e-mail.

 An excellent introduction to distributed idle-cycle computing is GIMPS at SUNY -- Albany

The Mersenne Mailing List Archive

Luke Welsh's warrant page

FBI Computer Crime Squad page

An article in "New Scientist" offers a non-alarmist perspective

Philip Morrison's WONDERS column in the November 1998 Scientific American

Ivars Peterson's December 5 MathTrek column in ScienceNews seems as balanced as one could hope for without mentioning that the 5 minute delays did not correspond absolutely with the primenet bottleneck.

More nonsense in the pacific northwest:in late July 1995, a trial jury convicted Randal L. Schwartz of three felony counts under Oregon's Computer Crime Law.

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