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I do all my development work on systems running Linux. TipJar is currently hosted on a machine running freebsd.

My job at UMKC issued me a machine with NT on it which I use when I must. University of Missouri is deeply addicted to microsoft products, in fact they are converting the entire messaging infrastructure to use microsoft exchange. The microsoft exchange servers regularly overload and I have arranged to have all my correspondence routed through unix hosts using sendmail 8.9 and qmail.

Boycott microsoft

I got fed up with microsoft outlook express causing the NT system it was installed on to hang, and leaving its messages on the e-mail server even though it has gigs and gigs of disk space to store them locally in, and migrated myself to Netscape Communicator on the NT machine. So I have the same interface on the NT machine as I use on the Linux box, thanks to Mozilla.

By the way if anyone tells you NT is invulnerable to "blue screens of death" here's a way to reliably produce one:

 Make yourself the
 "red hat rescue disk" and stick it an NT machine's floppy slot.
Bzap!  No "bad file format" error, just a blue screen. 

 I had to locate an older version of MS to reformat my diskette
as NT couldn't even erase the disk without looking at it first.

  It seems that this would be a straight-forward weakness to

exploit and create a floppy disk that could
pretty much do anything to a system running NT.

I think one of the most important free software project going right now is WINE, the free emulator. Although I don't have it actually running on anything at the moment because I have no need for any software which would require it.

Incidentally I think Applixware is overpriced for what you get, and distressingly slow when run on the same machine as the display. I have not used it in a genuine client-server environment so it may be faster that way. But not as overpriced as Office.

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