October, 2005. Nobody ever signed up. Apparentyl this page has been getting a lot of hits recently. The terms described within it might technically be a violation of the associates agreement anyway. And the tipjar transaction service has been dormant for a long time, pending proper business organization of it.

In Association with TipJar.com
March 22, 1998

After studying the Amazon.com associates program operating agreement, it seems to me that $2000 is a lot of books to sell before Amazon will send you a check. So, I am going to pass on all commissions credited to the TipJar Transaction Service amazon reseller account to whoever's web pages the referring links are on. To do this, people who put a link to a book on their web pages will need to register with me that that link is on their pages. Initially I will keep track by hand. I will automate this process when I have a chance.

To see what I've got to work with, here's the letter amazon sent me after the first week.

Please list the ISBNs of any books you are listing on your web pages in the above text area, and click on submit.
Registrations will be on a first-come, first served basis, unless that turns out to be too much work, in which case I will arbitrarily play favorites.
Use Amazon's excellent searching features but translate all book links into TipJar associate account book links for use on your pages:
What to search for:
Your e-mail address:
This form will search amazon for what is in the keyword field, and email you the results, with all the links to the books modified so that we can collect the %15 comission on them and credit it to your tipjar account.

Please e-mail me if or when this form doesn't work anymore.

Also, any book with an International Standard Book Number can be purchased through this page, as long as they've got it at amazon.

Just enter an ISBN in the box below and click the "let's see" button.

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