The simplest way to put money into your TipJar pocket is to surface-mail a check or money order made out to

TipJar LLC

with your e-mail address or TipJar alias written on it, to the TipJar Post Office Box.

TipJar LLC
Post Office Box 45163
Kansas City, Missouri 64171-8163
United States of America

Credit Cards

July 5, 2001: Due to frequent chargebacks, we are no longer accepting money through the KAGI service.

If you have a credit card merchant account and would like to sell tipjar coupons, please contact me to have a link to your page placed here.

If you would like to set up an easy way to put money in or get money out of TipJar, perhaps because you manage the cash register at a cybercafe, please e-mail me and I will be happy to add a link to your web pages from here or another page on this site. Perhaps cybercafes around the world will use TipJar in competition with Western Union and Moneygram for the personal long distance cash transfer market.

If you would like to implement an easier way for people to get money into their TipJar account, using credit cards, 900 numbers or some other form of voodoo, I will be glad to put a link to your service's URL here on this page.
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