Here's the deal:

For a nominal setup charge you can have a email address (POP3 server) and a directory into which you can FTP-upload your web pages.

Price: $5.00 setup charge, $1.00 service charge for password change after the initial setup.

Capacity: After the available space fills up, all tenants will be billed $0.0015 (fifteen hundredths of one United States Cent) for each K in the highwater mark of their disk space usage in the prior month. For a few text pages that is pennies a year.

Content restrictions: The physical hardware housing n-vision virtual servers in governed by the laws of the United States of America and the states of Utah and Pennsylvania. Tipjar LLC is incorporated in Missouri. This means that a www page under may not display pornography or provide a user interface to a casino.

To Order, send your preferred account name (up to eight characters) for which you get a "page not found" error accessing and your preferred password for that account, along with a check for at least five U.S. Dollars (Excess will be credited to a TipJar Internet Treasury account associated with the e-mail address) through the U.S. mail, to

TipJar LLC
Post Office Box 45163
Kansas City Missouri 64171

if you already have an e-mail address somewhere, of course you can order by email and pay your five dollars with TipJar Internet treasury by clicking here TipJar

Problems? email